Our Mission

The SCBA is an organization comprised 100% of volunteers; a group of professionals who live and work along the South Coast. Founded in 2006, the goal of our non-profit organization is to make the South Coast a better place to live. The SCBA promotes the development of future community and business leaders by investing in the youth of our community. Our micro focus is to help create and support opportunities for the disadvantaged and at-risk youth of our region.



"“Youth is to all the glad season of life; but often only by what it hopes, not by what it attains, or what it escapes.” — Thomas Carlyle

To reach this end, the SCBA takes an active role in fundraising events that take place throughout the local community. The SCBA strongly believes that fundraising is a cornerstone of our organization because it allows our members to connect and give back to the area organizations and programs that provide direct services. Many local organizations rely on public support to provide their services. With 20 members volunteering their time and business network connections, we are able to pool efforts and funds to make impactful donations to some of the most comprehensive programs in the area